Monday, July 13, 2009


So because we are awesome we got to shoot Stonehenge at sunrise and we were the only ones there and could walk in the rocks and everything. It was sweet except that we left at 2:30am and I slept through my alarm and no one woke me up until they were on the bus which totally blew but we made it.
I decided last night that I hated all of my photos but they are growing on me. I think they are perhaps worthy of putting on my wall cause I am lame like that. What do you think?

I layed in the grass for this one and got really wet.

Inside the stones. I know your jealous.

Oh and we also saw aliens lights in the sky (although they said that it was military testing) and the bus(or the coach if you're British) almost broke down. I suspect aliens.

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rh said...

I think they are pretty cool.

This is the closest I ever got to Stonehenge and it is Nebraska and it is made out of cars...

see pic