Monday, December 29, 2008


This Christmas was strange. Maybe its the fact that everyone is broke, it was at a different house and my Grandfather is gone (even though this was a fact last year and just no one acknowledged it). Either way it wasn't bad, being with family is always good and I am happy to be able to celebrate with them, it was just different.
I had grand plans of taking tons of photos on Christmas Eve and giving some to my sister and having these great documents of memories with my family to look back on and cherish. But then everyone cancelled even though i had been cooking all day. So Andy and I just drank beer and champagne in front of the fire instead and I didn't take any photos. Its ok, this isn't a Christmas that I really need to remember, lots of strange emotions. Either way I took one photo that I liked on Christmas Day.I wish that I had taken more the window light was really pretty, you almost forget that it was freezing out.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So… funny story. I went to Denver to cover the Democratic National Convention the last week of August and now it is December. I meant to post about it but I was busy and lazy and then I couldn’t post about anything else because I hate when things are out of order. So, in order to make up for my negligence I will be updating about the semester throughout winter break because school is over and my roommate left and now I have an excess of time.

Denver is absolutely beautiful, the trip was not so beautiful. It was probably the most stressful experience of my entire life. I have lots of stories but ill sum it up with the fact that I lost about 10 pounds from running around with heavy gear and being too stressed out to eat and running on little sleep everyday. The twisted things is that I wouldn’t trade it for the world because it was an awesome experience. And, did I mention that it was so pretty?

On the first day there I met a man who legitimately dresses like Abraham Lincoln on a regular basis. He doesn’t think that he is Abraham Lincoln so he is not insane but he does look a hell of a whole lot like him. His name is Everett Stadig and he does it to spread his pro-life message to the people that he meets.

The actual convention stuff was just so full of people. People everywhere. I shot future vice president Joe Biden’s speech at the Pepsi Center and I got there kinda early and thought that I had the perfect spot in a handicapped section because I could see really well and I had a little bit of wiggle room and very little obstructions. Then, I got kicked out of my seat. I missed Bill Clinton’s speech and had to wander around the Pepsi Center for like an hour trying to fight my way into a spot where I could get a photo of Joe Biden. It was terrible because they oversold the speech like whoa so there were frankly just not enough seats for everyone. This was the lady sitting next to me when I actually did have a seat.

This (below) is probably one of my favorite photos although I don’t know why. It’s a little hot, and its super busy but I love it so don’t judge. I was taking photos of the line waiting to see Obama’s speech and some guy asked me if I had a ticket. I told him that we had another photographer inside and I was just taking photos outside. And he said “do you want one” and then handed me a ticket to go see Barack Obama speak at the Democratic National Convention! For free! I took it and then realized that I had all of my camera gear and they would never let me in with it without a press pass and so I couldn’t use it. I ended up giving it to Omar and I am pretty sure that he still owes me even though I got to see Obama 2 more times after Denver.

Taylor Lucas, 7, of Denver holds a flag while waiting in line to see Sen. Barack Obama speak at Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver on Thursday.

I have so many more stories about some of the fabulous people that I met but you will just have to talk to me in person about them some time.
I promise that there is more to come from Fall semester, including my adventures in sports and portraits. Either way I promise that I will do better next semester.