Monday, December 29, 2008


This Christmas was strange. Maybe its the fact that everyone is broke, it was at a different house and my Grandfather is gone (even though this was a fact last year and just no one acknowledged it). Either way it wasn't bad, being with family is always good and I am happy to be able to celebrate with them, it was just different.
I had grand plans of taking tons of photos on Christmas Eve and giving some to my sister and having these great documents of memories with my family to look back on and cherish. But then everyone cancelled even though i had been cooking all day. So Andy and I just drank beer and champagne in front of the fire instead and I didn't take any photos. Its ok, this isn't a Christmas that I really need to remember, lots of strange emotions. Either way I took one photo that I liked on Christmas Day.I wish that I had taken more the window light was really pretty, you almost forget that it was freezing out.

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