Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Love Affair with Prague

This post is mostly for Nick (Baker) because he commented on my lack of updates.
I love Prague. Some are from my wandering and some are from my project. Turns out I love to look at architecture photos but I'm not so good at taking them.

Charles Bridge which has construction and people in front of my walk really slow when I'm already running late for class.

I think that they pay someone to paint on the sky every morning cause it is too pretty.

The beautiful gardens in front of the castle. I didn't go in them because I am cheap but they're pretty anyway.

View from the castle.

Prague is kinda creepy sometimes.

This shot is deceiving because the rest of the time I was trying not to get hit by zooming Czech driver. It's the dancing house.

We should have rented a boat. Oh well, I'll just have to come back.

Prague Castle at night.

Favorite photos from my project.
This is part of my lesson in patience.

Sometimes nuns make your day by walking into your frame.

Cool shadow.

Who wants to come back with me some time?

Monday, July 27, 2009


Paris is dirty, expensive and smells like stale urine in most places. How did I not notice this the last time I was there. Happy to be in Prague. This time I did my project on walkways. These are the only two photos that i liked from my project. Bossen and I have come the the conclusion that I can't help but photograph people... I blame the state news. Oh well hopefully more from Prague later.

Also, I strangely used to never take vertical photos and now I can't seem to stop. Life is strange.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Paris is amazing although it is dirty and exhausting. Language barriers alone are exhausting.

Last night we got bottles of wine, bread and cheese and went to the Eiffel Tower to sit in the park. However 1/2 a bottle of wine later this started to happen:

Followed by a massive rainstorm with hurricane speed winds that knocked lots of us over and almost killed us all. Its ok the wine made it pretty hilarious:

Today we were at an art gallery and I couldn't resist this even though I had to be really sneaky cause you weren't allowed to take photos in there. You probably can't tell but they are playing uno.

Monday, July 13, 2009


So for our first assignment we had to find a theme to shoot in our neighborhood. I chose benches which sounds really strange but there are parks and benches all over the place and watching the way that people interact on them is really fun. It was essentially like feature hunting for like a week. Ha ha, State Newsers should laugh at the fact that I went all the way across the pond to feature hunt. Here are the highlights.

To me it looks like this bench is watching over the park.

The girls were from Switzerland and were in London on holiday and were leaving that day and were exhausted. They didn't know the guy next to him who didn't look up from his newspaper for anything. It was awesome.

This girl is actually from MSU on the theatre study abroad and Paul totally was in a show with her. Small world. Did I mention that I ran into Julie Baker at the Atlanta airport also. Ha ha crazy.

This bench was dedicated to someone that died in the London bombings. I never thought of a bench as a gravestone before.

The guy on the bench all of the way to the right was from Paris and when I told him I was going he offered me somewhere to stay in his apartment in Paris. Ha ha. The Irish, the French and the Polish all love me here. The British however...
The couple was having the most intense conversation. They may have been breaking up, or she was pregnent. Either way I had the guts to get their names anyway cause I rock.

I just can't escape the lesbians. I saw them from across the park and needed to take this picture.

Benches. Who would have thought.


So because we are awesome we got to shoot Stonehenge at sunrise and we were the only ones there and could walk in the rocks and everything. It was sweet except that we left at 2:30am and I slept through my alarm and no one woke me up until they were on the bus which totally blew but we made it.
I decided last night that I hated all of my photos but they are growing on me. I think they are perhaps worthy of putting on my wall cause I am lame like that. What do you think?

I layed in the grass for this one and got really wet.

Inside the stones. I know your jealous.

Oh and we also saw aliens lights in the sky (although they said that it was military testing) and the bus(or the coach if you're British) almost broke down. I suspect aliens.

London Baby!

Sorry for the epically long rest between blog posts, I have no excuses. In London now, new camera, having an amazing time. We leave for Paris in the morning so I figured that I should blog before I got too far behind. I also hope that I sized them right cause I kinda forgot how.

Here is me being a tourist and loving every minute of it:

Big Ben of course even though Shelly thought that Kings Cross/St. Pancras was Big Ben.

"Wait theres a river around here?"
"Yeah its a bar"

The London Eye sees all. We didn't ride it but we looked at it.

Apparently this bridge gets blown up in Harry Potter.

This is Tower Bridge NOT London Bridge (you know the one that is falling down)

I really wanted to touch their hats. An interesting point was raised: if the royal family doesn't live in the palace, what are they guarding?