Monday, July 13, 2009

London Baby!

Sorry for the epically long rest between blog posts, I have no excuses. In London now, new camera, having an amazing time. We leave for Paris in the morning so I figured that I should blog before I got too far behind. I also hope that I sized them right cause I kinda forgot how.

Here is me being a tourist and loving every minute of it:

Big Ben of course even though Shelly thought that Kings Cross/St. Pancras was Big Ben.

"Wait theres a river around here?"
"Yeah its a bar"

The London Eye sees all. We didn't ride it but we looked at it.

Apparently this bridge gets blown up in Harry Potter.

This is Tower Bridge NOT London Bridge (you know the one that is falling down)

I really wanted to touch their hats. An interesting point was raised: if the royal family doesn't live in the palace, what are they guarding?

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