Sunday, November 28, 2010


This is Dorothy. I'm working on a story on her. She has Alzheimer's. (insert puns about going to OZ here.) Sometimes when I try to take a picture of her she smiles at me. Sometimes she does not.

I don't think that I am using this photo but I think that you can draw lots of symbolism from it. Maybe that's just me though? I am currently procrastinating working on the photos for the story because I need help. And to shoot more...but I always need to shoot more. I have less than three weeks of work left here in Texas. (read: I'm feeling the pressure) I had better get on it.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Last weekend I had to go to San Antonio and shoot back to back football games. It just about killed me. This weekend I get to do it again. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger right? The two teams playing were Victoria West High School and Victoria East High School. One lost, the other won. They ran these two in the sports section. I liked the polar opposite-ness of two photos that were taken of football games just hours apart. One side of town is victorious the other...they put up a good fight.

Victoria West’s Ebb Garrett, left, is comforted by his teammate, Xavier Ramos, after they lost their area round playoff game to Weslaco East 35-42 ending their season Saturday at Jerry Comalander Stadium in San Antonio. ANGELI WRIGHT/AWRIGHT@VICAD.COM

Victoria East’s Jaime Thomas celebrates with the trophy with his teammates after they beat Mission Veterans’ Memorial 54-40 in their regional playoff game Saturday at the Alamodome in San Antonio. ANGELI WRIGHT/AWRIGHT@VICAD.COM

Monday, November 22, 2010

Rocky Horror

I can make you a man.

I wish that I could have participated and drank wine instead of working.

...My life...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Meteor Shower

Wednesday night/Thursday morning I went with one of my co-workers to check out a meteor shower. It wasn't quite dark enough but I saw like 8 of them. We were silly and every time we saw one we jumped up and down. If only we would have had boys and a blanket it could have been very romantic.

I didn't get any on my camera but I still dig these two photos.

Miss Julie Zavala, looking at the stars...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Volleyball Play-offs

Crooked back-focused oops.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


These kids were so freaking cute. It was the Crossroads Youth Football League. Little kids in full football pads. And look at those faces.

Friday Night Lights can be difficult sometimes. I call this one "I see the light"

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wrong Photo

A story I shot a couple of weeks ago ran yesterday. It was a pretty lame assignment actually but I had a photo that I really liked from it for some reason. They, in true form to my life, ran a different photo. sigh. Tis the biz I suppose. I guess thats why I have a blog. Here is the one I liked:

Mitchel Wilson, 16, laughs with his mother, Tonya Dippel-Wilson and a family friend, Holly Alonzo, reflected, left and right respectively, in the sliding glass door on the family’s patio on the evening of Friday, October 22. Wilson, a junior at Victoria West High School, was chosen to attend the National Youth League Forum on National Security in Washington D.C. in February. Wilson said that he is most excited to see the national monuments in Washington D.C.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Roller Derby

In case you didn't know this I have always wanted to a story on Roller Derby. I would want to actually play but I am not athletic and very uncoordinated. A few weeks ago I got close to doing a story. The Austin Roller Derby Girls (who the movie whip-it is based on) played an exhibition match at the Cuero Turkeyfest (Turkeyfest itself is a whole other story!) Anyway, the paper did a story on the event so I got to shoot my first bit of Roller Derby. These are my favorites (ha, can you tell I liked it?) I don't have the ability to do a photo gallery on here so sorry for the huge post. I'm also too lazy for full captions so I'm adding partial captions and some of the stage names cause that's one of my favorite parts.

When we got there they were building the track in the pavilion. Imagine if football players had to paint the field if they wanted to play football. These girls got there at like 8 am to start building.

Purr-Anna, left, and Hispanic Panic

Team Meeting before the match. The teams were the Hallow-meenies and the Spanks-givings.

Yeti Machete and the Spanks-givings

Stretching before the match.

Greta Ground-N-Pound.

Penalty Pillow Fight. (I'm not kidding)

Penalty tug-o-war

Rozy B. Hind (she was my favorite)

Oh yeah...They skate too.

Although I think that this was actually a penalty cart-race where they had to push the girl in front of them like a cart.

Fans at the end of the match. They actually turned out to be friends with my roommate because she knows EVERYONE! I told her that her life is like Cheers.

I think that this will suffice until I can do an actual story.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Victoria, TX

Hey y'all (see...I'm Southern now)

A few weeks ago I went for an evening walk because I had the day off with nothing better to do. I decided that y'all should know a little of what it looks like here cause it's not what I expected.

This is my house. We have the bottom, right apartment. There are two apartments upstairs and an office shares the downstairs with us. The balcony is fair game. If I have talked to you on the phone at all since I've been down here chances are I was sitting on that balcony. I call it the Big 'ol Southern House aka The Intern House.

There are a lot of cool houses in the area.

This man was sitting in his yard and I really wanted to take a picture of his house but instead decided to hang out with him instead. (Sometimes I get a little desperate for company) He has a grandson my age who is in college. He owns a ranch about 60 miles away that he drives to everyday. That day he killed a rattlesnake that he said was as big around as his forearm. He later gave me a tour of his house. I didn't like any of the photos though.

He has palm trees in his yard. South Texas has lots of palm trees. It's still kinda weird.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Stereotypes are bad. We should not judge people or places based upon stereotypes that we hear about those people or places. We should instead make our own judgments based upon experience and observation.

In other news this is the sheriff of a small Texas town...

Maybe I take back what I said...