Saturday, November 6, 2010

Victoria, TX

Hey y'all (see...I'm Southern now)

A few weeks ago I went for an evening walk because I had the day off with nothing better to do. I decided that y'all should know a little of what it looks like here cause it's not what I expected.

This is my house. We have the bottom, right apartment. There are two apartments upstairs and an office shares the downstairs with us. The balcony is fair game. If I have talked to you on the phone at all since I've been down here chances are I was sitting on that balcony. I call it the Big 'ol Southern House aka The Intern House.

There are a lot of cool houses in the area.

This man was sitting in his yard and I really wanted to take a picture of his house but instead decided to hang out with him instead. (Sometimes I get a little desperate for company) He has a grandson my age who is in college. He owns a ranch about 60 miles away that he drives to everyday. That day he killed a rattlesnake that he said was as big around as his forearm. He later gave me a tour of his house. I didn't like any of the photos though.

He has palm trees in his yard. South Texas has lots of palm trees. It's still kinda weird.

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