Sunday, November 7, 2010

Roller Derby

In case you didn't know this I have always wanted to a story on Roller Derby. I would want to actually play but I am not athletic and very uncoordinated. A few weeks ago I got close to doing a story. The Austin Roller Derby Girls (who the movie whip-it is based on) played an exhibition match at the Cuero Turkeyfest (Turkeyfest itself is a whole other story!) Anyway, the paper did a story on the event so I got to shoot my first bit of Roller Derby. These are my favorites (ha, can you tell I liked it?) I don't have the ability to do a photo gallery on here so sorry for the huge post. I'm also too lazy for full captions so I'm adding partial captions and some of the stage names cause that's one of my favorite parts.

When we got there they were building the track in the pavilion. Imagine if football players had to paint the field if they wanted to play football. These girls got there at like 8 am to start building.

Purr-Anna, left, and Hispanic Panic

Team Meeting before the match. The teams were the Hallow-meenies and the Spanks-givings.

Yeti Machete and the Spanks-givings

Stretching before the match.

Greta Ground-N-Pound.

Penalty Pillow Fight. (I'm not kidding)

Penalty tug-o-war

Rozy B. Hind (she was my favorite)

Oh yeah...They skate too.

Although I think that this was actually a penalty cart-race where they had to push the girl in front of them like a cart.

Fans at the end of the match. They actually turned out to be friends with my roommate because she knows EVERYONE! I told her that her life is like Cheers.

I think that this will suffice until I can do an actual story.

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razor said...

Sweet pics! Just an observation - those ladies don't look as cute as Ellen Page. But they do look meaner.