Thursday, February 5, 2009

Photo Withdrawl

Sitting at work I had an overwhelming desire to blog. What I really need to do is sleep. This was my first photo shoot after the giant Mono/Living City fiasco week. I never thought that I would be so excited to be at a driving range.
This man was by far the cutest old man that I have ever met. I really wanna show this photo to my Dad but I never see him and he doesn't own a computer but he does really like to golf.
Dick Belding is 82 and married his high school sweetheart and they just celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary... all of that is not relevant to the article but it is cute none-the-less.

Dick Belding of Lansing, who has been playing golf for 68 years, hits a ball during his golf Lansing at the new heated driving range at Forest Akers East Golf Course on Harrison Road on Wednesday. The facility is still doing some construction but opened on Tuesday and will be open seven days a week.