Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Haunted South

The South is totally haunted.
Earlier this week I had to go out to an old abandoned hospital where they have recently been doing paranormal investigations. The city shut the place down two weeks ago right before a ghost hunt (that I was supposed to attend and shoot) was to take place.
Anyway the caretaker of the place (who lives in a trailer out back with his donkey and pit bull) showed us around and told us all of the ghost stories and about how he has seen the ghosts. It was pretty cool and pretty scary. Like really scary. I didn’t see any ghosts though, just the videographer popping up unexpectedly making my life shorter each time.

This is the caretaker pushing the videographer down the hallway in a wheelchair. Its like a Hollywood dolly, he calls it the “handicam”. Get it? Anyway, I thought it was creepy.

This is a quick portrait of the caretaker I took while Bill interviewed him. I think that his story is more interesting than that of the building. The dude chooses to live and work on a haunted hospital. He is apparently part of “S.P.I.R.I.T.” which is the Scientific Paranormal Investigative Research Institute of Texas.

Here is the video. I helped a little. Mostly I just got in the way. I’m good at that.

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