Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun Days in Illinois

Illinois is hot. And then it rains. And then it is hot again. Saturday (before the little league game from Hell) I went to Clifton Fun Days outside of Kankakee.

I'm pretty sure that I hate shooting parades but I'm a sucker for a kid hanging his head out of a window. Always.

Camden Gerdes, 4, of Ashkum, sticks his head out the Askum fire truck that he was riding in the Luau Parade at Clifton Fun Days Saturday in Clifton. (07-10-10)

I saw this, had to shoot it and had to blog it. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

Does anyone else see something wrong with putting a little girl in this string of carts? (which was being pulled by a was that kind of event.) If I ever have a daughter they are going to be so confused as to why mommy won't let them do things.

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