Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rock for a Cause

I shot rock for a cause about a week ago and I feel like I've been holding onto these photos forever, the article got pushed back like 3 times...crazy. The article was about a new class for managing and promoting rock bands and the students had to organize a show for charity which i think is really cool. I want to take the class myself.

Anyway. This is was happy accident. I wish that I could get light like this when I try but unfortunately i can only get it when i mess up... go figure. I should really work on that. This is the lead singer of a Lansing band Know Lyfe, Alfonso Civile. They weren't half bad, Ryan would have really like them.

This one isn't very good but i thought that it was cool anyway. Sometimes I just get bored at photo shoots and take pictures of things that I like but i know will never end up in the paper.

I went to the fair today... more to come.

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