Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Independence Day

I finished my living city last night, it’s not the best but I worked really hard on it so you should check it out. The other day I started to add up the amount of time that one spends on a living city that hardly anyone watches and it made me feel a tiny bit discouraged. Shooting time alone was over 24 hours I think and it doesn’t help that it takes me forever to edit. Its worth it somehow though but I don’t want to think about it any more.
The moral is that now I finally have time to blog about the vacation weekend. Ryan and I went up north for his birthday. I love up north… I think it is such a uniquely Michigan thing. I don’t think that people in other states have an area that covers half the state and still qualifies as a single place. I think that I will have to do a survey.
On the drive up I was looking out the window, smushing my head against the window to try to see the sky (Ryan needs a moonroof) and I realized a very silly thing about myself… I forgot how many stars there were. You can see so many of them, thousands in a single glance. When you go up north you can always see the stars, it’s one of my favorite things. It makes me want to drive way up north to the top of the U.P., park the car, and get out and just lay down and look at the stars for hours. The only things that are stopping me are ridiculous gas prices, lack of time, and my fear of crazed woodsmen, serial killers and that whole “no one can hear you scream thing”. Maybe one day… after I buy a tazer.

Ryan tried to light his little sister on fire after blowing out his birthday candles... he is a little frightening sometimes.

I also discovered that I really like boats. This is Harbor Springs before the fireworks. Across the bay is Petoskey and those houses in the middle are all owned by insanely rich people. One of them belongs to the Kodak family.

This is the barge that they shot the fireworks off from. I think that it would be so cool to be able to hang out on it while they were shooting them off. I thought that the light was pretty too.

Barge in action.

I think that fireworks are almost as pretty as the stars.

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