Saturday, September 18, 2010


Two things I have learned about Texas in the past week.
1. It is hot.
2. It rains a lot. (I'm like 30 miles from the coast)
As an additional note to number 1. usually it is even hot when it is raining.

On a less negative note (Texas and I aren't the best of friends today, I am expecting us to reconcile in the next week or so) it is pretty interesting out here. Victoria is full of old southern houses and Mexican restaurants and there are palm trees just scattered about, completely normal. So strange. I will hopefully have photos up soon but I haven't yet due to the hot and the rain and the mosquitoes (they are huge and vicious!) which are multiplying like crazy due to the hot and the rain.

Last night I shot my first high school football game. I'm pretty sure that I have figured out the three things that Texans love the most, in order:

1. Jesus (I mean, can you blame them?)
2. Texas (You don't mess with Texas)
3. High School Football

Funny story:
I'm gonna let you guess what happened at the game on Friday night. (Here's a hint: it was hot and it rained) Anyway I went into the press box at half-time which was packed due to the rain and I was looking for a place to sit so I could submit my deadline photos and this woman stopped me to inform me that I had mascara running all down my face. She was so concerned that she suggested that I stop what I was doing and pointed me to the bathroom so that I could fix it. She quickly learned that I ain't no southern belle. However, on a trying to fit in note, I have successfully used the word "y'all" seamlessly in a sentence on more than one occasion.

Today I saw that in the mitten y'all were complaining about the rain so I leave you with a shot from my first shoot under the Friday Night Lights:

What you have isn't rain...this is rain:

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